Shipping & Returns


1.) About us

Our business is still young. We are located in Thailand and have wide costumer range in the country. It took not very long until some of our happy foreign customers asked us to ship abroad and suggested us to expand the business internationally. That's when was founded. We hope to bring quality parts to every Bike-Lover around the World.


2.) Our Carbon Parts

 At you only get the highest quality of Carbon Parts. We only manufacture with the precise autoclave method using prepreg carbon fiber. Same as you find in the MotoGP, Formula 1 or even in Space Parts. Our full carbon parts don't just give you a sporty look. They are extremely hard, resistible and significant lighter then every OEM PVC part.

 We know that it's not always about the weight, so we also offer our customers to buy all carbon parts with a Fiberglass inlay. This means that only the outer sheets are full carbon and the inlay is high grade fiberglass. This gives you still an enormous advance in weight and durability to stock parts but comes with a much lower price then our full carbon parts. In terms of look, they are absolutely identical. You also get the same quality epoxy resin UV-protective coating which makes our parts just look awesome and will make your bike stand out of the masses.


3.) Product Availability

 3.1) Products which are on stock 

We try to understand which carbon parts are popular and will produce the popular parts so we have them in stock. If you order a product which is on stock then we will ship from Monday-Friday in the next 48h hours.


3.2) Products which are not on stock

If you order a product which is not on stock we estimate a production time of at least 20 days but not more 45 days. If a production time is longer than 45 day we will ask you if you still want to wait or you will get a full refund. This term is ONLY subjected to the production time and NOT the delivery time.


4.) Cancel Policy

 4.1) Parts which are on stock

Ordered parts which are on stock have a free cancel time of 1 hour. As a gesture goodwill we will usually accept a cancelation until we bring the parts to the logistic company. You will get a refund but we reserve the right to deduct any payment fees which might have occured.


4.2) Products which are not on stock

Orders of parts which are not on stock are subjected to a 5 days refund. We reserve the right to deduct any payment fees which have occured. As mentioned in 3.2 we guarantee a production time under 45 days. If a product is not being shipped until the 45th day after we offer a full refund.In this case you will get a full refund including any payment fee which might have occured.


5.) Delivery Conditions

We delivery excellent carbon quality and are happy to ship to every country. We use Thailand Post or EMS as logistic partner and delivery time is about 7-21 days. In average it's about 12 days to US, Canada and UK. Shipping cost unfortunately are significant and we try to keep them as low as possible. If you wish Express Delivery please contact us. Shipping via DHL, FedEx and other express shipper is very costly and we don't recommend them.


5.) Warranty and Refund Policy

We are proud of our parts and confident that you will be absolutely satisfied with them. After the production stage our parts are inspected by the quality control team. That's why we give you a full 90 days warranty for any defects which might occur during production or shipping.

Please contact us and wait for us to give you a return authorization. We only accept a return if the customer submits a proper documentation with photographic proof of the problem. Our Team will decide then if a part needs to be returned or you might get a new part without the need of sending the faulty part back. Keep in mind that producing carbon parts is manual labor. The weave pattern can’t look identical. This means that the carbon pattern on every part is unique by its own.


If you have any questions about our Terms, please use the form below to send us an E-Mail.