Our Carbon

Carbon Fiber Material

At you only get high quality Carbon Parts. The parts we sell are produced only from manufactures which are using prepreg carbon fiber, using the autoclave pressing method. Same technology as you find in the MotoGP, Formula 1 or even in Space Parts. Our full carbon parts don't just give you a nice sporty look. They are extremely hard, resistible and significant lighter then every OEM part.

All our parts have an extreme performance clear Epoxy Resin finish. It will give the parts more strength and UV-resistance to avoid any yellowing over the time.

Our Full Carbon parts are feather light, but we know that it's not always about the weight. So we also offer our customers all parts with a Fiberglass inlay. This means that only the outer sheets of the carbon part are full carbon and the inlay is high grade fiberglass. This gives you still an enormous advance in durability to stock parts but comes with a much lower price then our full carbon parts. In terms of look, they are absolutely identical. You also get the same quality epoxy resin UV-protective coating, which makes our parts just look awesome and will make your bike always a stunner.


Full Carbon

  • High quality Fiber-Sheets from Japan
  • Ultra durable and stiffness
  • Extreme lighter then OEM parts (up to 70% lighter then PVC)
  • Ultra Heat resistance
  • UV-Resistant Epoxy Resin coating



  • High quality Fiber-Sheets from Japan
  • High durability but more flexible then *Full Carbon
  • High Heat resistance
  • UV-Resistant Epoxy Resin coating