What's the difference between Carbon Fiber Quality

What's the difference between Carbon Fiber Quality

Posted by BikeZaa Team on 8th Oct 2018

Everyone who bought something on the internet knows that you not always get what you pay for. This counts even more on Carbon Fiber. In this article we are trying to help our customers what you should be aware off when buying Carbon Fiber parts online.

Not Full Carbon Fiber

You often find some pretty cheap Carbon Fiber on  eBay or AliExpress which might be cheaper then the  Fiber Motorcycle Parts from BikeZaa. We can tell you with honesty that there are many Black Sheep out there. The word "Carbon Fiber" might sound like that it's just "Carbon Fiber". Well it could be but it might be only the outside layer of the parts. The inside could be Fiberglass or even simple PVC. Some vendors play dirty tricks. They don't mention the fact that their part is not full carbon fiber. We, at BikeZaa know that it's not always about loosing weight. That's why we are selling most parts also with the option to buy it with a Fiberglass Base. This gives our customers the same unique carbon fiber look without digging to deep into the pocket but still a super high quality product.

Bad Quality Carbon Fiber

And even a product which is fully made of carbon fiber often are bad quality. The production of carbon fiber is time consuming manual labor. No machine is able to lay the sheets of carbon fiber with out the help of a skilled worker. Too many factors in the process of creating an excellent carbon fiber part depend on the eye of someone who knows exactly how it needs to be done. Cheap parts do have many faults in term of look and fitting. The epoxy resin coat is often not evenly spread on the parts. This causes bubbles which are easily to be spotted. And even worse when parts

Our Carbon Fiber parts at BikeZaa are only made of the highest grade Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber sheets. That means that the epoxy resin is already mixed in the carbon fiber sheets. During the pressing and curing process the resin is smooth and evenly spread around the part. This guarantees no bubbles other distortions.

Carbon Fiber Part doesn't fit

Well, you might live with the fact that your carbon is not real carbon or the quality is not the best. But what happens if your part doesn't fit? Nothing could be more frustrating. As already mentioned in the quality paragraph. Without a skilled worker you will not get a good product. 

At BikeZaa we love Carbon Fiber and we even love it more when our customers are happy. We know what is good and what is bad carbon fiber. We only deliver the best and that's why we assure you happiness with a 60 days full return warranty if any of the above mentioned faults are present any of our parts.

Examples of bad carbon fiber:

Bubbles and unevenly spread epoxy resin

More bubbles and distortion of the carbon fiber weave

Example of good Carbon Fiber:

No bubbles and any distortion of the carbon fiber wave. Simply perfect!